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Soak Sanctuary prides herself on innovative, healing and spiritual products. All natural products are on demand nowadays and while we do promote organic ingredients, we also offer fragrance products as well. Our company's core goal is to exceed the expectation of each customer. Soak Sanctuary' is fundamentally driven by the needs of all humanity and we pride ourselves on solutions. Based out of Chicago, our company is shedding a new light on this city while changing individual perspectives one product at a time. The world guarantees trial and tribulation, Soak guarantees healing!



"Soak Sanctuary's body oil has guaranteed healing properties. I actually used the body oil because it smelled good. A few days later I noticed it actually healed my skin from eczema. I recommend the lavender/Amber body oil not only for fragrance and moisture purposes, but most importantly healing"!  



"My experience with the all natural Soak Sanctuary products has been Phenomenal. I use the shower gel from head to toe and it leaves my hair soft and shiny. My skin is always very moisturized. I would definitely recommend this product"!!


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